The NGN Process

The Difference,Is In The Details

Process Leads To Excellence

The automation industry is one of the most fast-paced and constantly evolving industries in our current market place. Simply running up with the pack is no longer a viable option. The only way to be sure that your projects are receiving the latest and the greatest technology is to ensure that your provider is current in not only the latest, cutting-edge technologies, but also the skills that they demand. NGN Consulting has a long track-record of success in every aspect of automation programming, and as such, has earned a spot as a forward-thinking, cutting-edge programming company firm with the skill and talent to handle any automation project.



Upon discussing the basics of each project, NGN Consulting will work with the client in an effort to ascertain the entire scope of each project. This level of information collection is crucial to the accuracy of the initial project quote. Our team will assist the client with system design (and documentation as needed) and based upon these specifications, NGN will produce and initial project overview and cost estimate.



Having NGN involved in the early stages of a project enables our programmers and designers to create the perfect program and interface for your project. Our programmers have a wealth of knowledge which can assist them in meeting and exceeding the expectations of the client. NGN offers many pre-designed interfaces and also offers custom GUI design.



Once NGN has completed the program and tested for operational functionality, NGN will review all documents and program functions to ensure that all the clients expectations and wishes have been accounted for in our system. NGN will also display the GUI to ensure that it is also operational and that it’s design and functionality meets the clients approval.



By completing our programming and reviewing it with the client, NGN can ensure that when it comes time to deploy your system, it will function seamlessly with the installation. NGN employs very stringent testing procedures which allow us to complete 90% of the programming prior to arriving on the job site. This level of precision eliminates lost time on the job site, and ultimately maximizes the installations efficiency.



At NGN, the deployment of a program is just the beginning. NGN will work with the customer to ensure that they are familiar with their new A/V system and it’s interface and we will address any and all concerns with the functionality of your new automated system