Video System Programming

Video Distribution Systems

As home entertainment becomes more and more desirable (and equally complex), it only makes sense to make the most effective use of the video equipment and control systems which you have selected for your home.

NGN Consulting has amassed a high level of expertise in the field of distributed home video system programming, and is up to speed on the latest video applications, video hardware and the programming needed to deploy them properly.

By carefully and expertly creating system programming to control your homes media sources, NGN Consulting can bring universal control of each and every media source and distribute that source anywhere in the home.

With NGN Video programming, relaxing in your favorite chair to simply “watch” TV is a thing of the past. We provide homeowners the ability to take charge of a vast array of media choices, providing total entertainment in every room of the home.

Dedicated Media Rooms

It is most typically the little things which can turn a dedicated media room into just another place to watch a movie. NGN Consulting can not only design and program the necessary control for your dedicated media room, but we can assist you in the design of the space itself.

Selecting the proper equipment and matching it to the proper control hardware is an essential part of creating a dedicated media room and it is a discipline in which NGN is especially skilled. LCD Displays, Plasma TV’s, HD Projectors and theater quality film screens are just the beginning. By taking into consideration every aspect of your media room, NGN can design the most effective and easy to use system which will allow you to enhance your viewing experience by integrating media room controls with programmable lighting controls and security and home monitoring.

Crestron Digital Media

The last several years have seen not only a large number of advances in technology, but also the arrival of a new paradigm in signal distribution standards. With the arrival of the “Digital Age”, almost every device designed to connect to a display now comes with an on-board HDMI output. Digital connectivity ensures more efficient connectivity and higher quality resolutions which until now were not possible with “legacy” sources over longer distribution distances.

As welcome as these enhancements are, this new method of connectivity can potentially leave homeowners and commercial customers out of the loop. Many users have equipment which is not compatible with today’s newest technology. Older devices did not come equipped with HDMI technology, and as a result, these devices are simply not compatible with todays newest HD TV’s and Displays. Additionally, many of the latest HD TV’s and Displays have limited connection options; essentially, many of the newer models do not provide connectivity options for the older, less effective connection configurations.

While the realities of the modern A/V industry might pose these problems with connectivity, there is a solution. Employing an A/V specialist certified as a Crestron Digital Media expert can circumvent any potential compatibility issue with your gear and your control system.

A Certified Crestron Digital Media professional, NGN Consulting is well versed in the many aspects of the Crestron Digital Media product line. With advanced knowledge of the various switchers and transmitter/receiver combinations available, NGN can deploy the Crestron Digital Media System which will allow the user to incorporate any and all sourcing regardless of connection type.

Additionally, the trained professionals at NGN Consulting can ensure that the “One Wire, Any Wire, Does it all” ethos of this amazing Crestron product lives up to it’s billing. Utilizing the industries finest equipment for up-converting signals to pristine digital quality resolutions regardless of connection and distance between source and display is what Crestron Digital Media is all about. As a Certified Crestron Digital Media Expert, NGN Consulting can bring this technology to your project and eliminate any potential pitfalls to hardware obsolescence.

NGN Video Programming Benefits:

Multi-Source Control
Multi-Room video distribution
Integrated Lighting and Security Monitoring
Home Theater Control
iPad,iPhone and remote PC/Laptop control options