Mobile Device Integration

With advanced programming and interface design by NGN Consulting, users can now control every aspect of their automated system from anywhere! Utilizing the latest tools and advances in both programming and graphical interfacing, NGN Consulting can place the same level of control in the palm of your hand.

By combining the same high-end programming technology with a well thought out graphical interface, homeowners can interact with their control system on their iPad,iPhone or iPod touch, or Android device.

Mobile interfaces are every bit as user friendly and robust as their “home based” counterparts and can be as highly customized as the client desires.

Highly proficient with Crestron Mobile and Crestron Mobile G Pro, NGN Consulting can either convert your current interface to a mobile platform, or we can design and build you a customized version for any of your mobile devices.

Additionally, NGN Consulting is also a highly skilled provider of interfacing built with the “Command Fusion” application for mobile devices.