Energy Monitoring 

As fuel costs increase across the globe, energy efficiency becomes not just an issue of dollars and cents, but one of responsible energy consumption. Effective sustainability efforts are much more complex than merely dimming lighting levels. The proper management and control of energy usage is of great importance, both from a financial and conservation standpoint.

Utilizing cutting-edge Crestron energy monitoring equipment and intelligent programming solutions from NGN Consulting, your home or commercial facility will have all of its energy-consuming systems unified so that facilitates easy monitoring of and adjustment for those energy-consuming systems. HVAC systems, lighting, shades and Audio/Video systems all report current usage and can be programmed to “learn” when they are needed and when it is appropriate to scale back their levels of energy consumption.

Room occupancy sensors control when and how lighting is used, thus avoiding the omnipresent “lights on” in an empty room scenario. HVAC systems are programmed and set to function in a way which encourages conservation while still maintaining adequate levels of comfort.

When this type of technology is coupled with programming by a company who understands both the hardware and software aspects of energy monitoring and control; users will have the ability to view precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions graphically from any touch screen or Web browser. Track current and historical energy consumption and intelligently manage room resources. This level of informative monitoring allows users to operate at the most cost-effective source.

NGN Energy Monitoring Benefits:

Accurate monitorino of energy usage
Precise control over energy consumption
Lower energy usage, lower energy expenditures
Increased energy conservation