Custom GUI Design

NGN Interface Design Services creating useful,intuitive and attractive interfacing to control your project. In addition to cutting-edge Crestron programming and design services, NGN offers its clients a wide selection of touchpanel interfaces which have been designed to offer an intuitive, attractive experience to each user.

Our user interfaces are designed using the latest control schemes and can be configured to any desired control configuration. NGN touchpanels are specifically designed to work with any system and are easily upgraded as equipment is added or removed from the automation control system.

For clients who wish to have their control interface conform to a specific design constraint, NGN Consulting’s graphics designers will work with the user(s) to create a design which will strike the perfect balance between form and functionality. Custom graphics are available for any touchpanel and interface and are designed to control any system.

NGN System Design Benefits:

Customized control options for end-users
Enhanced customer experience
Added project value