Commercial Lighting Commissioning

Each unique lighting control system reflects the needs and desires of the inhabitants. There are many challenges in designing and constructing a lighting and automation system to fulfill the requirements of your clients, and Crestron offers the equipment and flexibility of design required for every one-of-a-kind solution.

Crestron offers customers a choice of levels of commissioning programs to meet the specific needs and complexity of their projects, the experience of their staff and finally their budget.A Crestron Commercial Lighting Commissioning expert will conduct from 1 to 5 on-site visits (depending upon selected commissioning level) and extend the Crestron Limited Warranty for your integrated lighting system.

The Crestron Commissioning program mission is to make complex lighting systems not only function properly and more efficiently, but to ensure the long-term integrity of your system. By working with authorized Crestron Comissioning experts, your lighting system, no matter how complex will function precisely as it was designed to function.

Additionally, NGN Consulting is proud to be one of the select few entities who are certified to integrate Crestron Lighting Control systems with other Building Management Systems. This integration, which utilizes the Crestron GLA-BMS, truly closes the loop for customers who desire a fully integrated lighting system with the power and reliability of Crestron.

Commercial Lighting Samples