Board & Meeting Rooms

Business is moving even faster than ever and many times the difference between success and failure is communication. Sales presentations, video conferencing and corporate meetings depend on responsive, robust communication equipment.

NGN has delivered this technology to some of the largest, most accomplished companies, organizations and government facilities in the region and in the process, has delivered not only seamless Commercial A/V and tele-conferencing equipment; but has delivered the confidence that comes with knowing that your commercial control system is the best it can possibly be.

Your business is important and the single best way to ensure that your message is being “heard” is by implementing today’s most effective and innovative communication and control equipment available.

Contact NGN Consulting today for details on how we can make your commercial boardroom as effective and efficient as possible.

NGN Board Room Benefits:

Seamless control of Tele-Conferencing and Video-Conferencing Systems
Intuitive control of displays,screens and presentation projectors
Lighting Control
Shade Control