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NGN Multi-Platform Automation Programming


Who We Are

NGN is a cutting edge programming company, is a certified Crestron Services Provider offering Crestron programming services, system design and documentation and touchpanel interfaces for Crestron dealers and end users. NGN represents the last mile in custom home and commercial automation. Programming Services designed by Crestron Professionals.

The NGN team is made up of audio/visual professionals who have gained countless hours of experience in the industry prior to pursuing Crestron programming excellence. This level of experience ensures that your automated project will be programmed by a professional with not only programming experience, but “real-world” knowledge about the A/V systems that are being programmed. Drawing upon years of A/V expertise, the professionals at NGN Consulting are able to create the perfect program for each and every project, regardless of size or scope. Having intimate knowledge of the the latest A/V products and control systems allows NGN Consulting to not only predict possible conflicts and “what-if” scenarios, but to plan for and eliminate them altogether.

The professionals at NGN follow a strict process on each and every project to ensure precision at every level. From project planning to the moment a program is launched and tested, NGN will work side by side with clients to achieve perfection on each project.

NGN Consulting is a Certified Crestron Programmer and a member of the Crestron CAIP system. Additionally, NGN Consulting holds certifications in both Crestron Digital Media and Crestron Commercial Lighting control. NGN Consulting is also a 100% Licensed and insured programming provider.

Fully Insured Independent Multi-Platform Programmer

NGN Consulting has been in business for nearly 10 years,and has amassed a very large client base and a wide breadth of experience. As a leader in home automation integration, NGN recognizes the inherent responsibilities which come with this hard earned success. As a responsible and respectful company, NGN Consulting pledges that they will always arrive at the job site with not only the best-in-class skill set we are known for, but also the promise that they will always be covered by extensive insurance and valid licensing.